• Latin Grammy® winner!

    I am very happy to announce that my latest album was awarded this year with the Best Tango Album award!

  • Tango pianist, arranger and composer

    Pablo Estigarribia

  • Pablo Estigarribia is a Latin Grammy winner tango pianist, arranger and composer. Like many artists of this genre, he began his training as a classical musician and soon branched out into the world of tango. He studied at the National Conservatory in Buenos Aires, where he won the Bienal Juvenil National Competition for Young Artists. After graduating, he spent several years on the frenzied performance circuit in Argentina, collaborating with the Congress Chamber Orchestra, the National Radio Orchestra, and the Chaco Symphony, among many others. Seeking to broaden his musical horizons beyond the classical realm, Estigarribia took a brief detour through jazz and then discovered tango in 2005. He quickly won the Orquesta Escuela de Tango scholarship and performed with this superb ensemble under the direction of Maestro Emilio Balcarce. Estigarribia continued working with Balcarce shortly thereafter when he first toured Europe.

    Estigarribia rapidly established himself as a nuanced and masterful tango performer in Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Finland, Canada, the United States and Cuba. He has been featured in over a thousand concerts, joining Argentine tango legends like Maria Graña, Victor Lavallén, Leopoldo Federico, Nestor Marconi, Horacio Cabarcos, Emilio Balcarce and many others. Estigarribia’s album Tangos Para Piano (EPSA) won the prestigious 2015 Gardel Prize for Best Tango Album by a New Artist. After receiving wide acclaim for this album, he earned coveted recognition from the Argentine tango industry as an expert in the art of tango music. He is a recipient of the Argentine Tango Society’s Medal of Honor for his educational forays at the Stowe Tango Music Festival (Vermont, USA) in multiple years. Estigarribia’s ascendancy brought him to Japan in 2016 where he was lauded in the Tokyo press following his performances. He then became sought after in the United States, where he played in New York’s famous Blue Note Jazz Club. He has made performance and interview appearances on NBC, Univision, Telemundo, and The Huffington Post.

    After enjoying the privilege of 13 years of mentorship by legendary Osvaldo Pugliese arranger and bandoneonist Victor Lavallén, Estigarribia is proud to assume the role of teacher and transmitter of the tango tradition. He is delighted to showcase and share the beauty of tango's rich lineage, and gladly invites both the experienced and uninitiated to study the unique, seductive flair of tango. New generations of students and seasoned enthusiasts alike can advance their technical knowledge with Estigarribia’s compositions and arrangements. Above all, he seeks to reopen the passage of tango music repertoire to musicians who may not know where to start, so they too can delight in the genre's legacy. With that goal in mind, Estigarribia published his original compositions and arrangements of traditional pieces, Tangos de Concierto, and teaches, judges, and performs regularly at tango festivals and events all over the world.

    Estigarribia splits his time between his native Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City.


    • Sheet Music

    • Discography

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      Comme il faut (2019)

      Victor Lavallén: Bandoneon

      Pablo Estigarribia: Piano

      Horacio Cabarcos: Contrabass

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia & Victor Lavallén

      Tango & Milonga (2019)


      Pablo Estigarribia: Piano

      Achilles Liarmakopoulos: Trombone

      original pieces by Pablo Estigarribia


      Maria y Pablo (2018)

      Voice: María Graña

      Pablo Estigarribia: piano

      Premio Gardel 2018 Nominee

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia

      Sonatas argentinas (2017)


      Patricia Pasmanter: Cello

      Pablo Estigarribia: Piano

      Classical music album


      Apologia del Tango (2016)


      Pablo Estigarribia and his Orchestra

      Feat. Leopoldo Federico, Victor Lavallén, Horacio Cabarcos and Lisandro Adrover.

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia


      De Menor a Mayor (2015)


      Victor Lavallén: Bandoneon

      Pablo Estigarribia: Piano

      Horacio Cabarcos: Contrabass

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia & Victor Lavallén




      Tangos para piano (2014)


      Solo piano album by Pablo Estigarribia

      Premio Gardel 2015 Award Winner

      EPSA Music

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia


      Chapado a la antigua (2012)


      Pablo Estigarribia: Piano

      Marco Antonio Fernandez: Bandoneón

      Nicolás Enrich: Bandoneón

      Cesar Rago: Violin

      Ramiro Miranda: Violin

      Nicolás Zacarías: Contrabass

      arrangements by Pablo Estigarribia


    • Videos

      El once by La Tipica Pablo


      La cumparsita by Pablo Estigarribia

      audio + score


      Comme il faut by Lavallén/Estigarribia/Cabarcos


      187th street by Pablo Estigarribia


      El choclo by Lavallén/Estigarribia/Cabarcos


      El último café by Pablo Estigarribia

      audio +score


    • Press

      2019 - Pagina 12 (Argentina)

      2017 - Diario Clarin (Argentina)

      2017 - Huffington Post (United States)

      2016 - Tokyo Shimbun (Japan)

      2014 - Diario Clarin (Argentina)

    • Solo concert in Berlin

      April 19th 7pm at Schwartzsche Villa. Grunewaldstraße 55, 12165 Berlin

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      Solo concert in Rotterdam

      April 25th 6pm at Codarts University for the Arts. Pieter de Hoochweg 125
      3024 BG Rotterdam

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      Solo concert in Paris

      May 6th 9pm at Le caminito. 1 ter rue Deguerry, 75011 Paris, France

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      Concert with Seth Asarnow in SF

      July 2nd 7pm at Marriot Hotel 800 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010

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      Musicality Workshop in Portland with Ines Muzzopappa

      July 16th 11.30-1.30pm at Tango Berretin. 6305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

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      Tango music lecture for dancers

      July 16th 1.30-3pm at Tango Berretin. 6305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

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      Solo concert in Portland

      July 17th 7pm at Tango Berretin. 6305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

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      Solo concert in San Francisco

      July 30th 7.30pm at Gradus ad Parnassum Music Academy. 1529 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94402

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